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Based on actual medical practice and experience, Brad Lewis' Great White Doctor takes the reader behind the closed doors of the elite medical world, revealing shocking truths about what really goes on in the lives of prominent physicians. The world of Great White Doctor is filled with intrigue, darkness, and mystery - the underside of upper-echelon M.D.s. A novel grounded in reality., it is a work of fiction missing from the literature of our modern era. The darkly realistic detail and medical panorama make Great White Doctor a powerful and compulsively readable novel.

I'm so glad to hear about Brad Lewis' book. He tells the truth and it’s an amazing story." - Mike Gallagher, syndicated MIKE GALLAGHER SHOW, KABC radio

A medical thriller that chronicles the road to Hell of a renowned OB-GYN whose sexual habits are bizarre. Readers will no doubt find it fascinating, if not terrifying. -

"Brad Lewis was a great guest to have on the show…I highly recommend Brad and his book to all entertainers out there." - Grant Stone, WPBR, "Talk Radio of the Palm Beaches"

Lewis' depiction of "celebrity doctors" is interwoven with infidelity, sexual deviancy, racism, and murder…thoroughly fascinating, totally compelling and contemporary novel." – INTERNET BOOK WATCH

Move over Michael Crichton and Robin Cook, here comes Brad Lewis. The readers’ goose bumps will have bumps until the twisted ending. - Write Time, Write Place, Nancy B. Leake

"Brad Lewis uses a fictional format to examine the sordid lives of esteemed physicians…Fascinating and compelling." - The Midwest Book Review

"Never in my years of reading for pleasure, has such an infamous mobster as the late Mickey Cohen been written about with such insight, truthfulness and good humor as Brad Lewis has accomplished in this page-turning bio. For anyone into Jewish or even gentile folklore, this is a must read."  - Arthur Marx, author of Life With Groucho, The Nine Lives of Mickey Rooney, Goldwyn: A Biography of the Man Behind the Myth , Red Skelton, The Secret Life of Bob Hope , Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime (Especially Himself ) - Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and the play, The Impossible Years. 

"I found Celebrity Gangster intense, dramatic, a real page turner" - Irwin Winkler,Producer of Rocky, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, Night and the City and The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.

"A colorful biography of the Mick, a nattily attired, 5-foot-5-inch L.A. gangster who declared he never killed anyone who ``didn't deserve killing" and who feared nothing but germs (hence, his habit of taking 2- to 3-hour showers). "Hollywood's Celebrity Gangster" is a fascinating portrait of how a Boyle Heights newsboy grew up to cross paths with movie stars, religious leaders, jetsetters and newspaper folks_when he wasn't dodging assassination attempts on Sunset Boulevard. Lewis' book shines a light on an often overlooked chapter of the history of crime, L.A.'s mid-20th century underworld (called the `Vicecapades'' by one columnist). Mickey struck me as a guy I would have loved to dine with_as long as it wasn't on Sunset Boulevard "  -  Steve Harvey, "Only In LA", Los Angeles Times.

“This is Mickey Cohen! Inside and Out! The most comprehensive biography ever written about Hollywood's bantam gangster. Bradley Lewis gives us the complete story of the most famous West Coast mobster in history, complete with his ties to the underworld hierarchy across the United States. Lewis shows us multiple sides of Cohen and for the first time gives us a clear understanding of his far-reaching influence, separating fact from fiction along the way.”  - Allan R. May, 

Brad Lewis has penned a beauty titled Hollywood's Celebrity Gangster: The Incredible Life and Times of Mickey Cohen (396 pages, paperbound, $22). Mickey Cohen, who died in 1976, was a colorful, feared West Coast gangster-gambler who knew the biggest names in Hollywood including the Rat Pack, was a bodyguard for Bugsy Siegel, a friend of Las Vegas' late Liz Renay and on first names with the biggest guys in the Mafia. Well-indexed and illustrated, Lewis book about Cohen draws from thousands of resources -- a virtual treasure trove of Mafia-related books, articles and interviews.

The book is divided into five parts: Cohen's early days from 1913 to 1938, from Brooklyn to Los Angeles; from 1938 to 1947 Headliners: Mickey and Bugsy; 1947 to 1955 Mickey, The Celebrity; 1955 to 1967, Mickey Redux; and 1967 to 1976, The Survivor.

Each section has something for everyone interested in the Mob with theories on who shot Bugsy in 1947; a look at the early days of Las Vegas and why Cohen liked certain hotels; and his connection with Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

Cohen was a survivor. Not a big man (he was five-five), he managed to survive gang wars; feuds; the federal government's attempts to put him away; and he had some of the biggest name lawyers representing him.

His real name was Meyer Harris (Michael) Cohen and there's some doubt to when he was born (1911, 1913 or 1914) "purportedly" in Brownsville's section of Brooklyn, but he grew up in the Boyle Heights section of Los Angeles. He'd get educated later on the streets of New York, Chicago and Detroit.

Cohen's life crossed the lives of many. The book's index includes the Mob's Albert Anastasia; stripper Candy Barr; Hollywood big shot Harry Cohn; Frank Costello; gangster Jack Dragna; Jimmy Fratianno; Momo Giancana; J. Edgar Hoover; racket investigator Estes Kefauver; Mob brain Meyer Lansky; actor George Raft; the dapper Johnny Rosselli; ; President John Kennedy and his brother Robert.

This is both a fascinating history of time gone by and a biography of a survivor and Lewis has written it with flash and substance. -- Howard Schwartz - Gambler's Book Club, Las Vegas